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Too many homeschool parents are plagued by questions like…

Are my kids writing enough?

Am I too easy on them? Too tough?

How does their writing compare to their peers?

Am I qualified to evaluate their writing?

Will they be ready for college?

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We know you care about your teen’s success. So do we.

More than 20 thousand homeschool students have improved their writing with hqessayonline®

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With hqessayonline® you can be confident your students are getting the instruction, practice, and coaching they need to become capable, college-ready writers.

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We offer a variety of online writing and literature courses for students in grades five through twelve.

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Consider a Literature and Writing Combo

Combine any Annual writing course with any Wasko lit course

A complete language arts curriculum at a significant discount

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3 Simple Steps to Writing Success

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Enroll in a Course

Click the link below and follow a few simple steps to enroll your student. write my essay for me. Put a course in your shopping cart, fill out some simple forms and check out.

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Invest 1-2 Hours per Week

Your teen follows the online syllabus every week and engages with their personal writing coach. what should i write my college essay about? Each week they’ll take a short quiz and submit a draft of a paper.

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Watch writing improve!

Students in hqessayonline write with greater clarity, correctness, and confidence.

You can rest easy about writing skills.

Stop worrying and start thriving!

Writing skills are important, but teaching writing is hard. hqessayonline offers online writing courses that help teens write better. We teach writing so you don’t have to, making homeschooling the fulfilling experience it’s meant to be.

write my essay for me cheap. At hqessayonline we know that you want your teens to become capable and confident writers. The problem is that teaching writing is complex and time-consuming, requiring expertise that you might not have. You may feel insecure or even overwhelmed about writing instruction. You may experience regular conflict with your teens over your input on their writing.

We believe homeschooling should be a positive, fulfilling experience for the whole family. We want to help you get there by taking the pressure off in this challenging area. We teach your teens writing so you don’t have to, leaving you time and energy to devote to the parts of homeschooling you most enjoy.

Enroll your teen in a hqessayonline course today. Stop feeling frustrated and ineffective with writing and start thriving in your homeschool experience.


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Get a FREE eBook by hqessayonline founder, Brian Wasko:

Ten Mistakes Teen Writers Make and How to Avoid Them

(the Mistakes, Not the Teens)

Raves from Our Customers

We’ve helped tens of thousands of homeschool writers since we started in 2001, and we get lots of encouraging comments like these:

My son…just finished his first semester at [college] and received the highest grade in the school for Writing I. Many thanks to the wonderful coaches at hqessayonline!

— Diane

...through you I grew a lot not only in my writing abilities, but also in my CONFIDENCE in my writing.

— Eleanor C. of the very best homeschool decisions we’ve ever made.

— Donna C.

My children have far surpassed my writing abilities, thanks to the wonderful instruction they receive.

— Sandra B.

Under your tutelage, my students…overcame the dreaded "what do I write?" paralysis, and became adept at starting, developing, and refining their ideas.…Most importantly, your coaches groomed them with consistent, gentle feedback that allowed them to be shaped into confident and competent writers. At first, I thought the feedback might be too mild, but, as I watched their writing improve without the tears and without the frustration, I became a believer in your vision…. i cant write my college essay. I found hqessayonline and Wasko Lit to be one of the greatest blessings of our high school years.

—Nancy M.

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Our policy is simple:

You get your money's worth or you get your money back.

You have 100 days to evaluate an annual course. If it doesn't meet your expectations, we'll withdraw your student and give you a full refund. 

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